Label and Philosophy

At ASR the artists are their own record bosses because they decide on all matters about their product and career.

Artist Station Records provides the label, organises sales through established distributors, and links the artist with all necessary professional channel which handle and promote the marketing of his/her repertoire on audio carriers and through online services.

These services can be carried out either on a profit-share basis (for artists with a sales history), a service fee (for newcomers) or an appropriate mix of the two.

There is no contractual dependency with exclusive, long-term commitments or artistic restrictions. Far-reaching option agreements or demands for publishing rights are also deliberately avoided.

The result is independent artists. You do not have to form your own label, set up an office, hire staff, deal with administration, find a distributor and develop sales strategies to publicise your music adequately and independently.

ASR steps in here on the artist’s behalf and bridges access to the market.

Our label model

  • At ASR artists remain the sole owners of all rights to do with their productions. A “joint venture agreement” is the contractual basis in which the artist solely assigns a temporary exploitation right for the purpose of sale. Furthermore, this agreement between the artist and ASR solely applies to each specific repertoire scope (e.g. an album).
  • ASR performs all major structural tasks on behalf of the artist that classic record labels perform (as part of an artist or band transfer agreement). The decision regarding what, when and how something is marketed remains with the artist.
  • ASR advises the artist on all decisions and implements the audio carrier sales in cooperation with established and efficient distributors. In the physical sector, distribution services can be carried out in Germany and in the main European markets beyond if necessary.
  • The cost for the product management, promotion and marketing campaigns, CD production etc. are borne either by ASR or the artist according to the agreement and offset against subsequent sale revenues.
  • After the break-even point (cost recovery through revenue) the total revenue is allocated to the entitled parties on the basis of incoming statements of sales. ASR undertakes the accounting, distribution and payment of these claims on behalf of the artist.

In the event that an artist does not have finished product suitable for release, ASR can help him/her to realise this. This naturally takes place in close cooperation and agreement over content with our partners e.g. the producers and creative talent pool at Horus Sound Studio and Edition Artist Station Music Publishing if necessary.

The decision regarding who belongs to the creative team lies solely with the artist.

Who can benefit from a collaboration with ASR?

The ASR model is as attractive for established artists as for newcomers:

Established artists can rely on an effective implementation of the adopted measures with their new products. It may also be possible to achieve better dividends than those offered in traditional agreements which may demand them to surrender exclusive exploitation rights linked to the production or set creative limitations. Back catalogue re-releases, live DVDs or vinyl editions can also be released like this without complication.

Newcomers experience a lot about the structure and mechanisms of the music industry in detailed preliminary talks and, through the process of publishing, learn about the relationships between various official bodies and channels along the value chain. These experiences provide an important foundation for a new career by supporting artists taking their first step into market.

Regardless of where you stand with your career Artist Station always finds focused and passionate contacts for goal-oriented creative exchange and successful cooperation.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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