MARIO HENÉ – new album and tour

Released in 1977, Mario Hené’s debut album “Lieber allein, als gemeinsam einsam” (Better alone than lonely together) was enthusiastically received with its wonderful mix of melancholy, thoughtful lyrics, sophisticated arrangements and his inimitable guitar. Since then he has been considered on a par with Konstantin Wecker, Klaus Hoffman and Hannes Wader. Now almost exactly 40 years later, his most personal album to date “… im Porträt” (… in the Portrait) will be released in the spring of 2017.
With recordings from the legendary “Onkel Pö”, as well as classics newly recorded and arranged for guitar and voice, the album’s 21 songs elegantly guide the listener through the artist’s 40-year creative history.

Mario Hené cannot be experienced more up close than this live as the songs on his eponymous tour program will be presented exactly like the arrangements on the new album. The distinctive, soulful vocals, paired with Mario`s inimitable Berlin charm and his virtuoso guitar playing guarantee a musically entertaining evening of the highest artistic value.

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