The “Premium Product Management” is at the heart of all considerations because all the strands relevant for release run together here.

We jointly discuss all the relevant details of your release prior our cooperation agreement. We consider the current market situation, your audience and the stage of development in all areas concerning the band. We discuss important points about packaging and distribution and look at appropriate measures for promotion, marketing and touring. We closely analyse your wishes and expectations and match them with the options we have available from an artistically and in our opinion economically meaningful point of view.

At this point you also learn a lot about the relationships inside the music industry. You may also gain some motivating insight and exciting ideas for the further development of your band.

Our experienced product managers in cooperation with the ASR partner network ensure the precise implementation of all measures you have decided to adopt.

Please bear in mind that, despite all the passion involved, it is increasingly difficult for new artists to assert themselves in the music market in a sustainable and financially viable way. However, with a realistic view of things, a coherent, sustainably pursued concept, and of course acceptance in the market and the media things can still be achieved.

Let’s talk about it!

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