Gig Support

We have expanded our offer to include gig support in order to provide you with a punctual live presence following the release date.

Our partner clubs enable us to get you live performances without elaborate booking gymnastics. These shows can function as a small standalone tour or supplement other ongoing booking activities. Together we agree the number of appearances and time periods and work closely with your own booking agency on an optimal tour route.

The release with all its promotional and marketing activities should be optimally timed around the live shows, flanked by corresponding tour promotion.

Tour Promotion
Once the tour has been planned, the dates are communicated to the respective cities in print, radio and online media by an additional tour promotion service which supports clubs with their own promotional activities and provide posters and flyers on request.

We are also happy to assist in the development of merchandise and the coordination of the production and sales through our web shop and shipping either to you or directly on the current tour if necessary.

Backline Rental
If you have no backline for your tour, we can also help by hooking you up with professional service providers.

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