Publisher and GEMA service

As an edition of Budde Music, our partner Artist Station Music Production & Publishing is a great destination for promising songwriters. We provide creative and competent artistic support, the successful evaluation of publishable repertoire at home and abroad as well as access to creative networks (e.g. songwriter camps) and pitches.

Artist development is another area of particular focus. Artist Station Music Production & Publishing has set itself the specific task of promoting young talent at all levels, and gradually building up their careers to the point of success. The extensive network of producers, composers, lyricists and arrangers provide extensive opportunities for achieving artistic goals.

GEMA Service
As an alternative Artist Station Records also offers support without long-term publishing commitments for dealing with the GEMA (German Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction Rights) including song registration, registration of songs at live gigs, GEMA claims, advice on GEMA membership and more.

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